Contxto is Latin America's prime media platform that delivers news, analysis, and insights about the regional startup and venture capital ecosystem, from Mexico all the way to Argentina. It bridges the gap between the Latin American startup community and the rest of the world, providing a vibrant space for entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts to stay updated on trends, opportunities, and challenges in the regional startup scene.

Covering a wide array of topics, Contxto focuses on everything from specific company news to broader industry trends, with a particular interest in innovative, technology-driven startups, whether they're early-stage or well-established. Moreover, it provides valuable resources, such as a comprehensive database of startups and investors.

As a media and data company, Contxto takes pride in highlighting the innovative, ingenious, and motivated individuals and entrepreneurs of Latin America, who are working hard to improve their countries and beyond.

Contxto stands to change the narrative and focus on the region's vibrant and innovative tech, startup, and venture capital sectors.

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